All About INDIA - Burnside Primary School :

This was the first ice breaking interaction for the students at Adamas with that of a school in a different land and a country situated in a completely different continent altogether.

The project encompassed a wonderful exchange of culture that began with something very simple, letters. The students of both the schools started exchanging letters where they shared loads about each other. It was an amazing experience to notice that although these children belonged to diverse cultures yet they were so similar in the way they thought, their like’s dislikes.

They also shared a lot of what they did in their individual classrooms. From mathematics to English and various subjects that they studied they shared their work and also exchanged information.

It was an amazing experience for the students as well as the teachers to be involved in something so funfilled, interesting yet enriching. Here are some of the works that the children shared.
Sweet Tooth - Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School :

This particular partnership catapulted our international experience to a new horizon of learning. It was a sweet exchange of learning and culture. The students of both the schools were actively involved in exchanging their stories as well as their classroom experience. What could have been better than sweets. The various activities of sweet making involved a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of learning] for students in both the school. From surveys to sweet sale they had experienced it all. The highlight was the Video interaction of the students over skype at regular intervals.

Here are some of the works shared by the students of both the schools in course of their activities.
Bedtime Stories - JAPAN :

The participating students in the particular project ranged from 3yrs to 7yrs old. The project dealt with their favorite stories and their characters. In course of working on this particular project we had the privilege of interacting with the Japanese Consulate in Kolkata. Our students participated in various activities organized by them. The most interesting aspect of this project was the staging of Pinnochio by Japanese theatre artists in the form of Opera at the Saundre Hall, Kolkata School of Music. It was a grand experience. What was amazing was that although the entire show was in Japanese language, yet the children enjoyed every bit of it. This proved that when it comes to stories, no matter what language or region it certainly catches the attention of a child’s fancy.

These stories encouraged several moral and social values that add value to the learning years of a child.
Go Green and Breathe Again :

These twin projects involved students from classes 6 and 7. The project as the name suggests was based on various aspects of the environment. Students were involved in various activities within the school. They launched a Green Campaign. In course of these activities the students also held a special PowerPoint presentation for the parents and several visitors.

These projects won Adamas the Best Green School award at BOSCO UTSAV and we were also awarded an HONOUR CERTIFICATE at the TTIS SCHOOL AWARDS.
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