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Education is the root of prosperity of a nation.

A nation's strength is its educated population. As Herbert Spencer said,"Education has for its object, the formation of character. "Education is the development of body, mind and soul."

Physical training should have as much place in the curriculum as mental training. Education starts at an early age, so the responsibility of character building is equally on parents and the school.

Adamas International School believes in John Ruskin’s idea: ' To make our children capable of honesty, is the beginning of education.’ Unique in its own way, toddlers at the age of two plus walks into it, sails through his childhood happily holding hands of caring, amiable and competent teachers.

Our emphasis is on a stimulating, happy learning environment where a child’s talents can be nurtured to fulfillment. Child-parent-teacher interaction is an important part of the programme. Each Adamite is encouraged to develop creative thinking and reasoning skills to facilitate problem-solving in relation to the learning experience, which is essential for effective functioning in real-life situations.

Today as a leader of Adamas International School, I wish each young scholar a bright and successful future.
Mrs. Mittra Sinha Roy
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