Chairman Speaks
Every effective teacher has a dream,
Every successful scientist has a dream,
Every businessman has a dream,
If you donít start with a dream,
You canít cope with reality,
But with a dream, you cope with anything ...

The dream I dreamt has culminated in the institutions I set up. I try and instill a dream in young minds so that they can go forward and fulfill it. The meaning of life is evolving every moment in the modern technology driven world and we have to be abreast to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

As Jimmy Dean Said "I canít change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination".

We at Adamas are striving to create worthy global citizens with wisdom and a sense of responsibility who can reach their destinations.

Our nation is brimming with potential that need to be explored, guided, nurtured and bring forth the confidence to reach higher goals.

Adamas creates these opportunities for each student and is a true centre of excellence in the field of academics. We hope in this Endeavour we can slowly reach the Zenith.
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